Budgeting For Your First Ottawa Home

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If you thinking about buying your first Ottawa home in a few years, you have to work out a budget plan to make sure that it happens. It’s hard to reach a goal when you don’t have a plan put in place first. If you’re serious about becoming a homeowner you’ll take the time necessary to make a realistic plan that you can stick to.

The problem that most people make when them putting together a budget is they ignore the small extra things that really make a difference. For example, if you stop to get a coffee every day and pay $3 for it, this is $90 per month that you could put towards a new home. While $90 per month isn’t going to get you to your end goal very quickly, there are probably a lot of other small expenditures that you make every day or weekly that you could cut out.

If you are dining out once a week you can reduce it to once every two weeks. If you are spending $50 for a meal for you and your partner, that adds up to a savings of $100 per month. When you add that onto your $90 that you have saved by preparing your own coffees and bring them along in a thermos, you are already up to $190 monthly. This is almost $200 and all you have done is stop buying coffee every day and only dine out twice a month instead of four times.

Instead of dining out on those certain days you can replace it by asking friends over for a potluck dinner, a movie on your Blu-Ray player and a bowl of popcorn. You don’t really need to miss dining out at a Ottawa restaurant every week if you decide not to. There are a lot of options you can put into place for any type of things that you want to take out of your budget to save money.

You don’t have to go without food, shelter or utilities to save money. Often it comes down to the little things that you are spending money on every day or weekly that add up. If you’re serious about purchasing your first Ottawa home in a few years take a look at the small things too when you’re making your budget. If you can put away an extra $200 just by doing the things mentioned above, think about what an effect you can make by addressing your budget for the next few years to finally reach your goal.

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