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The Rise Of Green Real Estate In Ottawa

Written by Roch St-Georges on . Posted in Real Estate Articles

It’s not going to go away – the search for green real estate in Ottawa is only going to get stronger as every year passes. Green real estate is just hopping on board the rising trend towards keeping the planet cleaner and safer for this generation and the ones to come. The movement for going green is just starting to get off the ground and real estate needs to keep pace with it.

Even the government is getting involved with green real estate in Ottawa. There are different tax grants available and more will be offered in the future for different areas of green housing.

Everyone wins when it comes to green real estate in Ottawa. The homeowner cuts down on utility costs, the city benefits with cleaner air and less garbage filling the dumps while children can look forward to more green incentives as they age. There is no doubt that going green is a worldwide effort and a lot of it starts with every individual doing their fair share and setting a good example by doing it.

Going green is not something that you do to keep up with your neighbors or to impress your friends. It is something that is done because it is beneficial to the Earth, the animals, vegetation and every person that inhabits this planet.

Green real estate in Ottawa is an investment in life. The more that you can learn about it and put into practice the better off this planet will be. It’s not all about installing solar panels throughout the house and getting completely off the grid. It’s about putting small effective changes into place that allow you to use less natural resources and make greener choices.

As you learn more about green real estate in Ottawa, or see something presented about it in the news, sit up and take special notice. There are a lot of changes that you could put into your home right now that are inexpensive, yet can make a big difference to you, your family, your community, your city, your nation and the world at large.

Taking a Look at Corner Lots in Ottawa Properties for Sale

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If you have been enjoying the sunshine and looking for a new home, you may have some questions about corner lots in Ottawa properties for sale. Are they good value for the money or do you end up losing too much privacy? The quick answer is it all depends. There are both good and bad points to corner lots and a lot of it depends on the actual location of the house and land in Ottawa.

Generally speaking, most corner lots have more land to their name than the homes that run along the street. This means that a house on the corner can often be bigger than the other homes in the area. This is definitely a plus point if you are looking for a larger sized home on a big lot.

You’ll see this more commonly in older neighborhoods that have 90-degree corners on the streets and in the neighborhoods. Many of the newer subdivisions are using winding roadways, crescents and courts while using fewer corners.

Another thing to consider is the fact that more accidents occur at an intersection. If the corner lot is positioned between two busy streets, it could prove to be a small disadvantage. While you won’t expect cars to be banging into each other day and night, there is more of a chance for accidents to occur in front of your home if you own a Ottawa property on a corner lot.

When you are looking at corner lots in Ottawa properties for sale you’ll notice that there isn’t any type of fencing or obstruction that can stop people from trampling along the grass from one sidewalk to the other to change streets. The property cannot be blocked with a fence or a set of bushes. If you are interested in a corner lot, you will have to work out a strategy to make sure that people are not walking over your grass as a shortcut across the corner. You are allowed to plant flowers – and in most cases this will be enough to stop people from cutting across the grass.

You’ll have to take a look at the positive and negative aspects of living on the corner. If you’re a social type of person, you’ll get the best of both worlds. You’ll be able to meet people on the two separate streets and feel a part of the community on both of them.

Real Estate In Ottawa – How A Clean Carpet Affects A Home Sale

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If you have recently put your home up for sale, or are thinking of doing so, you may be wondering how a clean carpet affects real estate in Ottawa. It’s obvious that a noticeably dirty carpet will turn off potential buyers, but if your carpet is borderline you may not know whether you should be giving it a professional clean or not. The decision you make about cleaning your carpets should be based on the following.

1. Is there a lingering odor?

Some carpets that haven’t been cleaned professionally for a while start to give off a slight odor. As the homeowner, you may not be smelling this odor yourself and it may be quite subtle. The best thing to do is invite over a friend or relative over and ask them to give you an honest opinion. You’ll probably want to get a few people to walk into your home and let you know whether it smells slightly off or not.

Selling real estate in Ottawa can depend on a lot of factors, and most of them have to do with the senses. A potential homebuyer will be examining your home with his eyes, nose, and ears. Together, these senses form an impression on the buyer that is either favorable or negative. The first impression counts so you’ll want to make sure that your home not only looks good but smells great as well.

2. Does your carpet look dingy?

Try to remember back to the first day that you bought your carpet. The color would have been vibrant and it would have been very soft to walk on. Compare how it was to how your carpet appears today. If it looks like it has been neglected for a while it would be a good idea to call in a professional Ottawa, carpet cleaning service to spruce it up.

It is amazing to see the difference in a carpet that has been recently cleaned. In some cases it can make the carpet appear brand-new again. When it comes to selling real estate in Ottawa, you’ll want to make sure that everything in your home is looking its best for a fast sale.

If your carpeting has obvious stains on it or looks outright dirty, it is imperative to call in cleaning experts before showing the home. Carpeting usually comprises a lot of the home’s flooring and will definitely be one of the major deciding factors that people consider when deciding on a home.

If you’re selling real estate in Ottawa, take a good look at your carpets. If they require a cleaning it’s worth the small price to pay, especially if it helps you sell your home very quickly.

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